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Getting there

Nice work!! But still waiting for the update and see if youll add some more fruit liqueurs on the list...lots missing... Keep doing good work and you will get 5 star


Some crashes Several ingredients missing Probably one of the best app atm. For bartenders more than mixologists

Verbesserungsvorschlag - Improvement for this app

die a ist wirklich gut, auch mit der favoriten-funktion. wenn man viele trinkt und ausprobiert wird es aber unübersichtlich, daher wäre es toll wenn man cocktails auf eine art vormerken liste einfügen könnte und getrunkene cocktails bewerten(zb skala 1-10) könnte! ich freu mich auf ein update. very good app but some ideas to improve this app, a list with drinks i wanna drink in the future would be nice, and also the possibility to rate the cocktails is important for a better handling


Nice big database with everything I knew and did not know! :) This app will help the party bartender in me! ;) A feature that could be cool in a next version would be to be able to search with multiple ingredients, just like, I have Vodka and Rhum, what can I do with both? Or only this as my alcohol? And maybe a "calculator" if we want to make more than one drink in a shaker.

Excellent App

Well thought out interface that is both easy to use and powerful. Ill never be left thinking of what to order again!

Great and easy to use

Great app easy to use, simple drinks to make for my next party... But I didnt find my favorite drinks (2) .. Theres the app COCKTAIL with more specials drink that r taken from books.. I have both of them and Ill keep both for different occation

Very nice app

Its a very nice app, but i would like to be abble to learn about the ingredient when i click on, cause some are mysterious to me.

needs more

Bought this and was disappointed that it didnt have my foavourite drink at barbeques, Sangria, not one version of sangria and theres many. Im guessing theres a lot more missing. Also, the font for the measurements biside the ingredients is to small. Theres lot of room. I cant read it even with my glass. Had to hold a bottle of water up to the screen to magnify it a bit.

Totally worth $5

Ill keep this one forever

Need improving

Im dissapointed that it did not have recepie to various shooters nor sangarias. Even some newer drinks are not available. Big database but kinda basic.

Please add something to this app.

In the next update for this app they should have a (Your bar), that you enter all the liqour you have in your home, and it gives you a list of all the posibilites of drinks you can make.

Changing Unit of Measure

Really good app. I like the "Snow Drop" -- You change the unit of measure settings throught the Iphone / Itouch settings menu, it is NOT in the actual app.



Big selection of drinks...

The only thing that I would suggest is some shoots, photos of each drink, besides that this is a good app.

Lots of Drinks, Great Interface

Great ability to seach by multiple ingredients. Love ability to tag favourites and create own variants. Ive been using the edit feature to capture some of the house specials at various bars as I travel. Like one other reviewer, I bought both this and the Cocktail app. Overall I like the UI better on this app, but between the two there arent too many drinks I cant make!

Very nice app

This is a clean app with an easy to use database of drinks. The interface goes well with the iPhone theme and works seamlessly. I like that they didnt include such obscure drinks -- quantity isnt always good here. It would be nice if the random function had a dedicated button or possibly a shake response, but that shouldnt deter you from paying the $2. Well worth it.

Perfect Drink Encyclopedia

Every bartender should have this... They should, however, keep updating it with newer drinks though.

Software working now

Software initially didnt work. Response from customer support was a bit slow, but they helped me get it going. Software works well now.

Great app, but doesnt work anymore.

This is a great app and Ive used it many times... but unfortunately, since Ive updated to iOS4, it stopped working. The program loads, but as soon as I try to do something (i.e. pick an ingredient), it crashes. This is just wrong for a paid app! Please keep your software updated.

Would like to search drinks by more than one liquor

Im still looking for an app that will allow me to narrow down my drink choices by more than one liquor from my cabinet, for example, all drinks with hazelnut liqueur and Irish cream.

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